Il Mercato Centrale Firenze

We’d heard about this place from a friend who tried to give us directions, but in between taking the 2nd alley on the right, dodging street vendors and us inevitably veering off course, we were about to cut our losses and start heading back in the general direction of our apartment when…


… the Mercato Centrale appeared. And then we looked across the street and saw Trattoria Za Za, the restaurant we’d eaten at the night before with an entire menu for truffle dishes. I blame that truffle menu for not noticing that we were in the Piazza del Mercato Centrale.



The Mercato Centrale, or Central Market, is a warehouse packed with different restaurants, cafes, butchers and little shops selling oils, vinegars, limoncello, noodles and dried fruit. Right at the top of the stairs, fresh pressed OJ, creamy espresso and endless cases of pastries… so we found heaven.



Not many of the shops were open in the morning, so we grabbed some fresh fruit and pastries, and found a café that would give us espresso to go. Trust me, that’s a feat.

We came back for a lunch the next day and had a really hard time deciding, so we just grabbed a whole pizza, burrata on toast, sandwiches and a pastry. And this is when I realized that I have food fomo.


Heading back to our apartment, we ran into these two lovebirds – my sister and bro in-law! Running into Jess and Max in each city was easily one of my favorite parts of this trip 🙂




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