View this post on my new site! House Of Vellum – 30 Hours in Joshua Tree National Park


4 thoughts on “30 Hours in Joshua Tree National Park

  1. Well, we haven’t been to Joshua Tree yet but Mojave and Death Valley have been frequent stomping grounds. My wife grew up in the mid west, then lived and traveled throughout Europe before settling here. I grew up in Southern California and New York before settling here. After 13 years and 18 years respectively, we feel we’re ready to move on. But the desert does fascinate us still and the dark skies are great for star gazing and fill both of us with a real sense of awe.


  2. You did an excellent job of maximizing your time at Joshua Tree. Next time you can walk up Ryan Mountain and more. The view is fine, but it’s the walk up with ever-changing perspective on the desert that’s the real treat. I trust you’ll be describing some of the tremendous outdoors environment that’s outside your door there in Boulder, too. Thanks for visiting Under Western Skies.


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