While it’s true that the majority of millennials are caught up in their mad selfie game, they’re also becoming increasingly more aware of the good (or lack of good) that their favorite brands are doing! With companies like Toms launching the One-for-One campaign, giving a pair of shoes to children in third-world countries, and Satya Jewelry raising funds for The Manjushree Orphanage and Charity Water, it’s no wonder that 8 in 10 millennials expect their brands to make a public commitment to good corporate citizenship!

We want companies that offer stellar products that do more than just smell nice or taste delicious… we want a brand we can stand behind; one that shares our passion for helping the planet and changing the world.

Which is why I have fallen in love with SoapBox Soaps! For every bar of soap or bottle of shampoo that’s sold, SoapBox gives a bar of soap or a month of clean water to a person in need. They take it one step further by marking every product with a Hope Code that allows you to track exactly where you are doing good. My Coconut Shampoo funded the Splash Project in Cambodia, and my Coconut Conditioner provided water to children and families in Nepal!

Plus, it smells amazing and is made with shea butter so my hair is super soft. With brands like SoapBox Soaps making it simple for consumers to make a difference, maybe we really can change the world!

Millennials Expect Brands to Do More GoodMillennials Expect Brands to Do More GoodMillennials Expect Brands to Do More GoodMillennials Expect Brands to Do More Good


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